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Lacey S. Wingard



“Creating new entities is what keeps me challenged and stimulated.”

Lacey S. Wingard works directly with lawyers in every sector of the profession. Her exceptional track record includes the successful recruitment and placement of practice groups, partners, in-house counsel, and associates.

Ms. Wingard’s experience in international trade has decisively helped The NewinCo achieve its unsurpassed profile as a recruitment force in the global legal community. She is results-oriented and a straightforward communicator. She brings strategic purpose to research and analysis.

Ms. Wingard is a former Chairman of the Washington Area Professional Development Association and Officer of the Washington Area Legal Recruitment Administrators Association. She served as Recruitment, Marketing & Professional Development Coordinator for the Washington DC office of the international law firm, Bryan Cave LLP.

A former Marine, Ms. Wingard managed personnel and provided significant public relations services for the Corp. She received her BLS degree from Mary Washington College with an emphasis in art history and studio arts.








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