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What Do We Do?
We Listen…We Research…We Analyze...We Advise...
We Facilitate…We Place.

There are two kinds of legal recruiters.

There are those who will place anyone anywhere as long as there’s a fee attached at day’s end.

Fortunately, there are also those who are in this business for the long haul.  At The NewinCo, we know that to grow our business we must focus exclusively on pinpoint recruitment.  Precisely the right person for the right job.  Precisely the right firms negotiating mergers for all the right reasons.

Fortunately, the record shows that only recruiting firms that deliver commitment, integrity, and confidentiality survive the long haul.

Our services include four major areas of search and acquisition:

1) Individual attorney placements for partners and associates

2) Attorney searches for law firms

3) Mergers and acquisitions of practice groups or law firms

4) Business placement for lawyers and law firms

Our services do not end when a placement is made.  We provide as much follow-up counseling and support as is needed to ensure success.  In other words, we stick around.

The NewinCo is officed in Washington, DC.  We are indeed Beltway insiders with powerful legal market connections at both the private and public sector levels.  Major law firms just moving into this tough neighborhood rely on us to open closed doors and unlock hidden opportunity.

But our services are also borderless.  We work with law firms and corporations around the globe to help them achieve their professional goals anywhere in the world.







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