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Mergers & Acquisitions

Donít believe what they say.All law firms are not alike.Quite to the contrary, each one is different.

No one knows a law firm better than its partners.But when the time comes for a merger or acquisition, outside professionals must be enlisted to manage what may well be the most significant transaction in the firm's history.

Mergers seldom happen serendipitously.The most effective way to realize value for a law firm is through a systematic, confidential, and market-wise search for possible merger partners.Time is money, especially for lawyers. Donít waste it by chasing down blind alleys.

Once we identify what may be the right practice groups and firms, we conduct financial and business analyses.We do thorough due diligence on past performance and reputation.We evaluate all ends of the deal before, during, and after it happens.

We are as committed to helping ensure the smoothest possible integration post-merger as we are to finding and consummating the right matches.We will typically continue to consult with you on a regular basis to review any potential problems and work toward solutions.

An ideal outcome of a merger or acquisition is that it catalyzes additional growth, additional hires, additional acquisitions.The more committed we are to the success of your transaction, the more opportunity we create to serve your post-merger growth.







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